The Good and the Ugly

Kaylee Swain
3 min readJan 23, 2022

(Oh the irony)

So with this I had a hard time trying not to choose such well known logos. Of course there are gonna be some I hate and some I like. But don't we all? So instead I chose to dive deep, into the web and into my memories. I wanted to read others opinions and did research on what makes a good and bad logo. After that, I realized it's extremely easy to get a logo wrong than it is to make it perfect.

Good logos:

This design is so clean. You can tell by the logo that it has to do with hair. Its very simple and straight to the point. I like that it’s working with typography and not some random graphic. Very slick and professional.

When I fist saw the title sequence/logo for squid game I freaked out, in a good way. I thought that it was so cool that the designers managed to incorporate the shapes with both the English and Korean title. Like you can tell they really thought about it. The whole game, the guys in masks they all incorporate the shapes and colors. I thought it was very clever and cool. I also really love the typography's fluidity ion the English title.

I would move the U and G but for the most part I like the whole vibe of this brand. The logo and the whole packaging is funny but like a nice twist. I like that it has this printmaking quality. The text lines up nice and I like the hierarchy with the brand.

The Bad:

This design is just scary. At least we know what it is but the colors, the image, and the wildly different font choices are a little wild. It looks more like a Spirit Halloween than a doctors. I think what puts me off the most, (besides the spine,) is the top font. The medieval font is not a great choice. Because when I think of medieval times and medical practices, I am immediately turned off by that. It just reminds me of the old practices and how unsanitary they were.

The overlapping doesn’t make sense. Every time I see it I don’t understand. I just feel like I’m staring at tangents and a giant & sign. And the fact that its just weirdly curved bothers me a lot. Especially for a medical place.

There’s a lot going on with this. Besides the fact that they literally made lemongrass a lemon and grass. The broke the key rule in graphic design, never use papyrus font. There's s much going on. There’s nothing lining up, and it just looks unprofessional. It’s also centered but awkward cause the tm.