Project 3 : Restaurant Branch

Kaylee Swain
3 min readMar 16, 2022

Idea 1:

Cuisine: Coffee house

Type: Café

Audience: Introverts, book lovers, 16+

A cute quiet coffee house. I would think to either make it more plant based or book referenced. Lots of windows and hanging plants. The book I would reference is the little prince. Happy melancholic feel, a children's story book about adults. Except for this café it will be for adults to remind them of the little things. The coffee house will have flavors based off the characters/themes in the book. Along with a few different pastries. The location of my café will be in Washington. A great place for anything and everything coffee.


Le Petit Café


Lune Rose



“Wake up and smell the roses.”

“Comfy, cozy, delicious.”

“Pure nostalgia.”

“It’s okay to take a break.”

“Beans, flowers, and foxes oh my!”

Idea 2:

Cuisine: Pancakes

Type: Casual style

Audience: Teachers, parents, older folk

A more quiet restaurant. Also located in Washington. No kids allowed. This restaurant would be more of an escape for people who have kids/work with kids/enjoy breakfast. Pancake flavors will be decided by the locations known fruit/flavors. This includes; apples, red raspberries, grapes, spearmint, sweet cherry, etc. With those types of fruits the restaurant could also have fresh juice, wine, coffee, etc.


Breakfast Bar

Hot Cakes



“Our cakes are flipping fantastic!”

“The fluffiest pancakes around.”

“So good you’ll be coming in for seconds.”

“Flip, drip, pour.”

“The best way to butter up.”


Type trials:

Tagline: Curl up with some coffee

Color Trials: