Project 2: Olympic Bid

Kaylee Swain
4 min readFeb 16, 2022


Location: San Francisco, California

Season: Summer

Key Ideas to play with- Bridge, coastal themes

Colors: Black, blue, gold, red.

Year to design for- 2040

For the future, I feel we have come somewhat to a halt with a lot. Technology advances but nothing new is coming from it, fashion is regressing and becoming reinvented. So in 2040 I feel like that is what is going to happen with design. It’s already happening in class where students are taking old design styles and redoing them, vaporwave is coming back. That sort of futuristic wave. So I feel like by 2040 design will be like it is now. Modernist, clean simple. Maybe some small elements of something “new” that's been done. Things like glowing effects, gradients, Memphis patterns, etc.



Mix of different architectures/cables cars

50 Sketches:

3 Revised Logos:

12 typeface explorations:

Color Explorations:


final and alternate marks


For this project we were randomly assigned a place and season. I drew San Francisco California summertime. The first idea that came to my mind was the fact that California is on the coast, beaches. Second being the Golden Gate Bridge. The fact that the season was summer made me think of warm colors, mostly hues of yellow and orange. After I did more research on San Francisco my ideas broadened. I started thinking about cable cars, the weather, the housing, and history. The two ideas I stuck with were a mix between the cable cars and weather, the fog specifically. After a few trials I used the weather idea. The idea ended up being more dynamic and overall, more appealing/different. The font I ended up using was century gothic. I chose this because of the timelessness of the font. Century gothic is easy to read and not such a serious and overbearing font. When I think of San Francisco I think of the coast, relaxing, fun. To take away any boldness I made all the letters lowercase. Also, in doing so made it consistent. I made the s and f outlines and connected the two because personally I just thought the flow would be nice and to keep a connection. For my color choices I stuck with a variety of muted colors. I was torn between those and different hues of orange/yellow. I ended up choosing the variety because I wanted each part to be its own thing. With the yellow and orange, the whole logo was reading more sunset rather than how much thought I had put behind the concept. So, I stuck with having the sun yellow, the joy and beauty of having sunsets. The “4” or fog being a cool blue in contrast the other warm colors. Lastly, I made San Francisco and the 2040 a red orange to symbolize the golden gate bridge.