Kinetic Typography: Ideation

Kaylee Swain
3 min readAug 25, 2021

P1 Audio selections:


  • Stop after 30 seconds

Steven Universe:

  • Stop after 30 seconds

The Midnight Gospel:

  • Stop after 34 seconds

Final pick:

Steven Universe

I picked the SU scene as my final choice because of the fluidity and emotional rollercoaster. What I can hopefully achieve is a chaotic but slowly fading chaos before the big finale. Kind of leaving the watcher to feel sad and empathetic for the viewer.


SU Thumbnails

Mood board:

SU Mood board

Style idea:

SU color/font choices





Audio transcript:

How messed up is that? That I’ve gotten away with this for so long. You have no idea how bad I am. Y-you think I’m so great, I’m so mature, and I always know what to do. But that’s not true. I haven’t learned a thing from my problems. They’ve all just made me worse! You think of me as some angel. But I’m not that kid anymore! I’m a fraud, I’m a fraud.

3 Style Frames:


Exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Project 1

2 Second Clip:

10 Second Clip:

30 Second Clip:


Design Board:


For my project, I created a motion graphic using strictly typography. I wanted to make the viewer feel panicked with the pacing and understand that the subject is losing his mind. The glitches represent his fall into corruption. Up until now, the character has been playing things off as no big deal. That’s why this scene is so important. I made some words huge to emphasize that he is making a point. In the one part where he says “But I’m not that kid anymore!” I made the word ‘kid’ grow to show that he really has changed. I also made the angel off-balance to show like two sides. He’s not an angel, he’s a ‘fraud,’ a monster. I kept the color scheme pink because he is pink, and the son of Pink Diamond. One of the original rulers of the gem race. He’s a hybrid human/gem, hence the gradient. I also left out a background to show more focus on him and what he is saying. No background distractions. I used the font Bungee Regular to fit with the show's logo. I added some black strokes to thin out the letters. This helped give emphasis to other words. I hope my motion graphic can convey his anguish to people. I am happy with how some parts turned out. I will work harder to sync my sound with graphics, I feel like that’s where I struggled the most.