Blog #7

Kaylee Swain
2 min readMay 5, 2021

Honestly, the most challenging area for me to learn was just uploading projects to the server correctly. That and inserting pictures. I’m not sure why but every time I uploaded anything it would all upload outside of my file. As for pictures, I think I just coded them wrong every time and they would be fine on my end. Even when I opened it up in a different thing they would be okay. Sometimes saving would create a whole new file of the same file within the file. So I’m not sure what saved right and what did not because it would swap the two every now and then. As for practicing in my own time, I did. I would look up a bunch of videos to see how to do specific things I wanted that we would not go over in class to expand my capabilities.

I think everything was pretty easy to learn. Mainly CSS, besides what I said about making the picture links work. Besides that, I think Webflow needed less time spent on teaching. Webflow was super easy and I got it right away.

I don’t think anything needs to be taken out entirely. I think all of it was relatively easy to follow and understand. Though for me, projects two and three are extremely similar. So it was really redundant. But for others, that’s not the case. I wish we spent more time as class critiques. It was more helpful than break-out rooms and I got better feedback.

For future courses, I think it would be best to start Webflow sooner. I feel like since it is easier to use than coding, people would become more familiar with putting elements together. This could lead to better designs because students would know what they can and can't do and do more with what they can do. With Dreamweaver, it felt like the same thing over and over just adding different codes bit by bit. It’s good to see how code works and what each bit does, but it gets the same after a while.