Blog #5

I think I will do my next project about how to plant a seed. Then explain how to take care of it and the basic needs of a plant. If that does not work out my next idea would be how I make my mint hot chocolate. If none of that works out I could do something even more simple like how to braid or tie hair. But I think I am now leaning more towards the way on how I make hot chocolate. The more I think about it the more I know someone probably does not use my process at all. It was just something I made up myself.

Topic: How to make the best Mint Hot Chocolate

Home page: Me talking about my hot chocolate, what I use, and substitutes. Pictures.

Subpages: Ingredients, what else to use. More recipes.

Material Required: Microwave or Keurig, big mug, spoon

Ingredients: Favorite hot cocoa powder (pouch or K-cup,) water, milk cream, mint chocolate syrup, and marshmallows.


For the microwave:

First: pour 2 cocoa pouches, into your mug

Second: Fill your mug to about halfway with water

Third: Place your cup in the microwave for about 1:45–2:00 minutes

Fourth: Mix the powder better so everything is even

Fith: Pour about 1/3 of what remaining space left in the mug with milk and mix

Sixth and seven: Repeat the fifth step but instead of milk use cream and mint syrup and mix

Final: Add mini marshmallows or whatever topping you prefer!

For Keurig:

First: Load your Keurig with a k-cup and hit the expresso button, repeat for the second K-cup

Second: Pour milk into the remaining half

Third: Pour about a centimeter worth of chocolate mint syrup and mix

Final: Add mini marshmallows or whatever topping you prefer!

Links: A link to my favorite plain hot chocolate recipe

Website overview:

The top line is for a desktop and the second for a phone screen
All the way to the right is for tablets but also work as a home page for desktops



I’m leaning more towards the left. The right looks a little too formal for making mint hot chocolate. I’m not sure if I should mix the colors up a little more. Or if it’s okay as is.





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